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AssBro: The Completening Part II

Insofar as whenever the last time I used that title, I didn't complete the game a bit. I still haven't, but I think I will before I stop playing for months, this time.

The thing about it is that it really scratches my completionism itch that keeps people going for one more turn in Civ. I can look at the map, and there's always something easy to do nearby. Especially now that I'm heading closer to the end of the game.

Things I have completened:

1) the renovations of Rome. Yep, Everything is rebuilt, re-opened, or purchased. Though I have to say it's not really clear what purchasing said things grants me, when there's still a French army patrolling around one of my purchased ruins. (Why is there a French army in Rome in 1505 or whenever it is? I wonder if that happened, or if something similar but unlike it really happened and they are just putting it there because the geography of this game is so much more compressed than the others have been. It seems suspicious, is all.)
2) collecting feathers. It gave me a cool cape to wear which, as I understand things, will probably just make everyone recognize / want to kill me. That seems like a mistake, and I can't really tell why I wanted to do that one, except, like all of them, there are no longer map markers and that makes me happy.
3) Courtesan missions. It probably says something about me that I finished that chain of quests first when, if you'd asked me, I had no intention of finishing any of them yet when there's so much to collect.
4) As an obvious side effect of 1), all Borgia towers are reclaimed. Reclaiming Borgia towers is cool.
5) All viewpoints. Man, it makes me itch that they put viewpoint towers behind memory barriers. If there's anything I hate, it's seeing a grey spot on the map, seeing the way to make it not be a grey spot on the map, but not being allowed to go to there!

Things I have not Completened:

1) The main quest chain. Obvs. this goes last, as who wants to walk around a finished game collecting things? Nobody, that's who, or at the very least nobody who does not want to feel OCD.
2) Assassinations.
3) The growing of my assassin-y brotherhood. (I am simultaneously pleased that I had the option to recruit so many women, sad that the proportions are not more even, even though they are probably implausibly skewed toward female presence relative to history[1], and troubled both by my inability to put the few women I have in serious danger to level up faster and by my wanting them all to have been chicks. It starts seeming uncomfortable harem-like, at that point, don't it?)
3a) So, like, these "send people on" missions are starting to feel infinite. I assume that is because of how many assassin slots there are and all. But then I notice that even my full-fledged assassins have really bad odds on the 5 star / 5 templar cross difficulty missions. Is there any benefit to finishing those, or at least to finishing all the templar-themed / extra-difficulty ones? I'll send them to their deaths, but not for nothing.
4) Treasure chests and Borgia flag collections. I'm going to be sad when I inevitably missed one Borgia flag in a hidden location and have no idea which one it is and have to stare at that uncompleted collection or actually go wandering through most of the dungeons wondering where it is. So very sad.
5) Shop quests. I have three to go[2], and no idea whether I will find the last few items in treasure chests, hidden treasure chests in remaining dungeons (or, like that one flag I was predicting earlier, in a chest I missed in a previous dungeon), or if I just need to find more of those gangs that randomly attack me sometimes, and then the guards jump in and help, but they also fight me if I dared to defend myself. That's a little annoying.
6) Those remaining dungeons for the Romulus cult quest. There are only two left, and at least one of those currently accessible. Probably only one.
7) Oh, right, and I bet the end of the Cristina story has not yet occurred, though I have no way of being sure.
8) Oh right again, and I have two more secret glowing rune bugs in the construct to untangle. I gotta say, there are times in those when the game comes very close to actual libel on some real modern people. Which is pretty awesome.

Not that I think you would, but no plot spoilers, please.

[1] Seriously, this Ezio guy is super-forward thinking, if you are not his girlfriend or his sister.
[2] One aconite (or something like that), one Vlad the Impaler coin, and two silks.

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