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Marvel 1976

That is the year I have recently finished, you see, so I'm supposed to talk about it, right?

So, first of all, I still don't really care for Reed Richards, but two things are alleviating that. One, I'm pretty sure he's a lot less objectionable lately. Not unobjectionable, whatsoever, but less. Two, though, is that I'm reading so many more comics per month than ever before, and coupled with that, he's one of the only characters that is in his own magazine and not anything else. So I kind of feel like I just never see him, period. Thankfully, this is not that big of a deal.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man, right? He has three titles now! And just like I was sure of, Spectacular Spider-Man is intimately connected to Amazing Spider-Man, so it's not like I could have just skipped it without hating all the things all the time. Which means that once I'm reading four of his and four X-Men titles a month, goddamn that's going to be annoying. Except that I still like the stuff I'm reading, which makes it hard to honestly complain. Also, it's nice to see him finally dating Mary Jane, although the clone of Gwen Stacy sure did just drop off the radar awfully fast, as soon as she was revealed to be all cloney, and that seems weird to me. Probably because I'm used to the much more tightly personal storytelling in Ultimate Spider-Man. *sigh*

But then there's the X-Men. Yay them, mostly! Wolverine is getting the shortest shrift of the surviving newbies, and since I pre-existingly like him, it doesn't bother me. But man, does he seem like an annoying prick if I were comparing him to the other newbs for the first time. (Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and he's the most boring of the three, but still likeable.) On the downside, they are bi-monthly, so almost nothing has happened yet except for the first Phoenix event.

So, lessee, what else. The Black Panther used to be awesome, but they cancelled the strip to give it under a re-branding to Jack Kirby, which makes me miserable, because I'm going to have to try to find them and yet I will hate them. With hate. Speaking of which, if this had been Captain America all the time? Never would have read him, might have dropped the Avengers out of protest. Hooray for Stan Lee! I wonder if he's ever going to write an issue again, in my timeline I mean, not the present.

Are there other things? The whole Vision / Wanda relationship got boring, which, alas. Iron Man is still in boringtown limbo, as is Daredevil. I'm assuming nothing else is going to happen with them until their big first storylines hit. (Demon in a Bottle, the rivalry with Kingpin, respectively.) And, um... if I read other things, they must be boringer still, at least in this moment. That said, except for if it is written by Jack Kirby (and frankly, drawn by Jack Kirby... I respected his work in the '60s even while admitting it was not to my taste, but it has gotten worse, and the letter columns are full of lying liars), I still enjoy everything I read. Boring for these purposes equals no big storylines worth responding to or at least that I remember anymore, as opposed to actually boring. Shit, even the Kirby stuff isn't boring; it inspires the bursts of rage I usually reserve for Laurel K. Hamilton, who, whatever else you may wish to say about her, at least doesn't illustrate her books.

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