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The Hunger Games

So,obviously this is not a review. It's not even per se a big enough post to warrant an LJ post[1], except possible comment spoilers makes me want to put it somewhere where the comments can be screened at will.

But so anyway, I have two thoughts so far.

1) This is shockingly good for the young adult category. Better than early Harry Potter, which was itself good enough for me to want to get to late Harry Potter's objective quality.
2) Katniss: she might win[2], but I worry that she is too hard to win in such a way that I will still like her at the end. Considering I'm only six chapters in[3], I'm impressed by both my having an opinion that nuanced and also that I care enough about her to have tried to form it. Which goes a ways toward explaining my first point, I reckon.

[1] Converting the terminology will be much harder by far than converting the account was.
[2] I don't even know exactly at what yet, though I know I don't mean the Hunger Games themselves. (Or at least not just them.)
[3] Which is where the comment spoilers come in: don't spoil me in them!

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