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A random assortment of unrelated crap

1) I have had a lot of packages from Amazon lately, between videogame sale day, movie sale day, and some overdue camping gear. Still, I noticed that one of the boxes in my doorway yesterday seemed extra. When I got it inside, even though all the words were addressed to me on the forms and stickers and all, the contents were a couple of books that seemed to be for someone's college classes, and had been paid for overnight shipping and all. I checked my history, I definitely didn't order them. The "return a gift" button found the order, with even a third book I hadn't received, but still no indication of where they came from / who paid for them. I am mystified, and not really sure what to do. I wish the topics had been exciting, but... (Yeah, I can't even remember. One was a 60-year history survey of some town or other, and the other had something to do with Jews, but I forget any details.)

2) My grandmother died on Friday, of, well, being old mostly. She had years of emphysema, but the last several months it just seemed like she was going gradually vague (like senile, but less horrible), and then over the last month or so, everything slowly stopped working. I'm not sure if there's an official cause of some kind, or if it really was just "got worn out". I talked to her on the phone a few times over the summer, but I hadn't seen her since Christmas. It's not so far that I shouldn't have gone, but at the same time, I can't decide if I regret not going. Even the last phone conversation or two makes me remember her in a way I wish I did not have to, and seeing her maybe or maybe not recognize people and not really be in shape to do anything but nod around an oxygen machine would have been so much worse. But then again, what if she missed me and wished I had come? ...I mean, separate from the way grandparents already wish that kind of thing. I guess there aren't really answers to those kinds of questions, but I have no doubt I made a selfish choice. I just hope it didn't hurt anyone. I am sad to no longer have any grandparents, though. They were pretty cool. (Except the one who died when I was six months old; I have no real opinion either way, on him.)

3) The funeral on Tuesday marked the start of six days off I have between this week and the end of October. Next week, I am off to Myschievia, which I have mentioned before but am too lazy to link to. We will be doing honestly really cool things between now and Columbus Day, and are apt to provide entertainment to lots of people beyond ourselves. I'm looking forward to that, kind of a lot. Enough that working effectively is going to get harder and harder between now and when I ditch work Wednesday to get on the road.

4) My good friend Mel is getting married in October! That is, Melani Smith, not Mel Allen. She was once my roommate, but then she had to go and move to Portland, so I will be there from... Thursday night or maybe Friday morning? Who can remember? But anyway, from 10/20 or 21, and then I leave on Monday the 24th. Other than my Saturday being taken up with various celebrations, I have no plans as yet. Also, I've never been to Portland, so I'm hoping to form an impression of it on Friday and Sunday. My other, far more recently-ex roommate Kristy will be in town as well, I am told. (She just moved to Seattle, like earlier this week.) Plus, it seems possible that I know someone else in Portland. POSSIBLE, I say.

5) What with all the travelling and having been sick this week, I anticipate that I will be stuck on week three of Couch to 5k for most of a month, but I'll still run it as often as possible and not screw up what little re-progress I have made so far. And eventually, I'll get farther again, I reckon. (I once got as far as week 6, but certainly never finished it. And that was more than a year ago.)

6) Someone contacted me on OK Cupid, which was a pleasant little message to read on Tuesday morning, all things about Tuesday considered. If anything else happens, cool, if nothing else happens, the day was still a little better for it, and I like days like that.

7) The end.

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