Chris (pokeypenguin) wrote,

AssBro: The Completening

So, I remember [personal profile] publius being told that if he insisted on getting 100% completion in absolutely everything that happens in this game, he'd be driving himself crazy to no good effect. Here's what I'm wondering:

How many things do I have to complete to not miss any of the subconscious memories storyline? Well, really I mean, how many can I miss completing? 'Cause that "kill everyone without getting wounded" fight? At first I succeeded, thinking they meant without losing a bar of health. But no, they meant literally without getting touched. Then I thought, hey, smoke bombs will save me! ...but apparently if you really like Romulus, you are immune to smoke. WTF. Then I cried a little (unrelatedly), then I gave up. So far that and only one of the 8 minute trials have eluded me so far (though to be fair I haven't even made a second attempt now that I got through it for the actual game purposes), but I think to myself, so, how many of these *can* I skip? Or, if I have to get them all, that fight is clearly impossible for me so how many *more* can I skip before I miss more than one memory? And my point is, I hope this is not as doomed an enterprise as I fear, 'cause after completing literally everything in AC2, I will be sad to miss actual plot in this game.

Side note: the few things that annoyed me about the last game, and they were few indeed, have been fixed here. Mainly, the ability to tag building locations from within the database, and the ability to mark on the map collectibles you have seen but not retrieved. Brilliant!

(I don't see anything here that lends itself to spoilers in the comments, but just in case, I have finished sequence three and not started sequence four.)
Tags: video games
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