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Marvel 1975

1. There were big ads as 1974 wound down about how the Marvel 1975 calendar was going to be a huge big collector's item, as evidenced by how much Fantastic Four #1 was going for in 1974. It looks more like it retained its value with inflation, which is still nothing to sneeze at in a 36 year old calendar. But yeah, still, no.

2. Anyway, though, I'm starting to think of 1975 as the year that everything started to be connected to everything else all the time. There's this dude Black Lama who's getting all the supervillains into cage deathmatches, Spider-Man is hanging out on the same cruise ship as Dracula, and the Avengers... well, that's point 3. I'm not going to cave, I don't think, but it's starting to seem like I'm missing something by not reading Captain Marvel. Still, my hatred for Rick Jones is only topped by like Namor, so no.

3. (I lied.) I just saw the start of what will probably be a very long-delayed and not currently planned reveal on the latter fate of Gwen Stacy. In some ways, this seems like a bigger moment than when she died in the first place. And this is the real point I'm making over this and the last point, is I'm really excited to see how all this plays out. I expect the '80s to be mostly full of terrible over-the-topness, but right now, there are just infinite vistas of possibilities, and I wish it could always be like this, and now more than ever I'm glad I'm involved in and caught up with Ultimate Marvel, because being honest with myself, this old Marvel project will fail someday. It has to, it's unsustainable. Whereas the Ultimate thing is demonstrably sustainable in that I have sustained it and am live. (Well, two books behind right now, but only in the past couple of weeks; I'll be caught up again before June ends, which makes me not behind at all, really.)

4. Yesterday, I saw the weirdest damn thing I have ever seen in a comic book. There's this kung fu chick, right? And she has been molded by aliens to be some kind of big important mover-and/or-shaker in the universe. (The literal one, stretching into infinity, not the story-proscribing one. Although that too, I suppose?) And now she has come into her fate, which is.... to marry a tree, and since she is herself a person instead of a tree, be given the possessed zombie corpse of a dude that was buried under the tree so that she will not have to feel weird about procreating with a tree and creating a killer doll offspring who will be popular in late '80s cinema. Whether she will instead feel weird about procreating with a possessed tree zombie is not explored, but by implication, she will not.

Oh, comics. How you gotta be so awesome?
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